Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is one of the most common ways that leave people stuck on their tracks with inability to move forward. All this while this happens, we are not even aware that we are procrastinating on purpose. The worst thing is that we keep giving ourselves reasons to avoid doing something by supplying barrage of logic which delays all the important tasks at hand.
Here are some tips to make you give yourself the proverbial push to accomplish important tasks.

Make a list
This is one of the most basic tips to get started when you feel stuck inside your head. You can start with listing down things that you want to get done but simply avoid for some reason. This list should contain the items that you have consciously avoided. Always remind yourself that there is so much to be done and that you could be doing it right now rather than procrastinating.

Break it down into smaller tasks
Follow the simple rule of writing a goal and then breaking it down to smaller tasks that are easy to achieve. With this technique, as you make small progress, you will remain focused towards reaching the final goal as compared to in absence of clarity.

Keep your focus on the joy of achievement
There is no better fruit than the fruit of success. This simple rule will keep you motivated to stay focused towards your goal and keep moving in a healthy direction. If you feel like you cannot do something alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help and also don’t forget to credit them later for their assistance.

Publicize your intention
For some people, it works as a strong motivator to keep going so that they can avoid embarrassment due to failure.