Happiness is Within

Happiness is Within

Many of us look for ways to be happy not inside ourselves but outside which is the real cause of misery and pain. With looking for happiness in people and things, we try to control them and maneuver them as per our definition of happiness which is the biggest reason why we remain dissatisfied and unhappy.

Contentment is not about money, glamor or even status in your life. It is all about the joys of enjoying the simple things, ability to spend time with things we love. Soon you will start to realize that there is nothing more peaceful and enjoyable than being presence of things that you really get pleasure from.

Another most important thing outside of enjoying the simple things is the ability to embrace the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad, the yes and the no. We cannot always control the outcome of things and must always be ready to accept whatever lies ahead of us. When we allow failures to rob us of our peace of mind that is when our life starts to go downhill. Be strong and always be open to accept the positive as much as the negative.

Key to actual happiness is in our acceptance for change. Every time we are unreceptive to changes around us, we become sad and often delirious as we are not sure of the direction that lies ahead of us. However, it is very important to admit that change is the most constant aspect of the universe and that the things will always transform. The change can be both endearing and challenging, the trick is to embrace either of the outcome with just as much openness.

Remember, true happiness lies in the power of letting go and by accepting universal chaos.