Gandhi as an inspiration

Gandhi as an inspiration

In a world where people tend to fight over money, oil, gas, where hatred is everywhere you look, you can always find a ray of light, that will try to give hope to everyone.

That ray of light was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Why people look up to him? Why is he such a big inspiration?

Well, the main reason for it is because of his philosophy of non-violence. He could have been a typical warrior, instead he used non-violence to free India from British.

He loved to tell people how they should work without depending on anyone else. One of the best things he did was that he tried to exterminate evil, not to create it.

It seems like Gandhi is still alive, because he still lives in the hearts of so many people, all around the world. He didn't try to buy anyone's love and attention or devotion, he moved them because he was sincere and sacrificial.

If you ask the people of India why there were so inspired by him, a lot of them will tell you it is because he didn't try to rule the world or become a God. He knew that he isn't perfect, and he was able to admit any mistakes he made.

He wasn't a super human, he was just another Indian, but the difference he made was that his methods were accepted by both poor and rich people of India.

A lot of people were prepared to lay down their lives for him, and we still believe that, after all, these years his is still one of the greatest inspirations to a lot of people.