Michael Feldman gives out to the community by creating a website for good deeds. He designs the site to help users launch their own good deed efforts or join or donate to someone else’s campaign, this will definitely help the people who want to help others but don’t have the means to do so.

Through his site, which enables people to reach out to those in need, offers individuals and organizations with the tools to manage existing companies good deed projects. “It’s a hub where community leaders, charities, celebrities and individuals can make a difference by creating a good deeds project and activate their volunteer bases to do acts of kindness,” Feldman said.

He decided to create the site after attending a conference for emissaries where the speaker inspired him when he told people to do 20 good deeds. He wanted to change his community therefore he thought of creating a platform for community leaders to organize events and enable people to have the experience of transformational philanthropy (all participants are changed through the interaction) he said his idea for the website is to deal with humanity, not religion, he also said when you give you feel closer to the community.

He is hoping that more people will be interested in the site, for now the number of likes in face book is not that good and the number of users is less than 500 but he is trying to make people understand the worth of the site.

The site is free to anyone who wants to use it and it also gives people an opportunity to volunteer. His biggest challenge for now is driving people to the site and makes them understand it’s potential.